About Menex

For more than 25 years, Menex ltd. has been trying to produce the best frozen fruit and frozen forest fruits from the territory in the immediate surroundings of Kopaonik National Park.

We have our own fruit production, as well as a cooperation, and the largest number of our producers pick fruits at a height of over 1000 m2 above sea level. Thanks to the microclimate elements and the height above sea level, these regions are characterized by the minimal presence of insects and the nonexistence of industrial pollution, while the complete fruit production is of an extensive type.

Freshly picked fruit comes from own plantations or the plantations of the producers who perform special-purpose production for Menex ltd, which is supervised by our Professional and Advisory Service for the duration of the whole production process. In this process, we rely on our own software solution which enables our buyers, too, to interactively monitor fruit productions from exactly determined plots, freezing and packaging in real time

The organic production program consists of the elderflower, elder berries, strawberry, wild strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, forest blackberry, blueberry, apple, and rosehip.


CRM Software (Program for communication with clietns) – the client is in the focus of our attention; there is a constant interaction with potential clients, suppliers and partners. The system records all important data about fruit producers-subcontractos, the technology applied, as well as the effects of its application, simultaneously generating the data about the results achieved in production – the quantity and quality of the product, the growing region, the images and position of the terrain, etc.

Organizational structure

The work organization in Menex is so structured that our experienced managers with professional qualifications and education completely control and manage all organizational and production processes, simultaneously adhering to all the needed standards.

Group certification

As the organizer of production, Menex ltd brings yet several tens of individual agricultural producers-subcontractors together, who have an appropriate and, for these needs, adequate plant production. The organizer educates the members of the Group and supplies them with needed repro-material, advises them and controls the application of agrotechnical measures, establishes the quality and purchases a product. On their existing plantations, the Group members apply all the recommended agrotechnical measures and work in the best faith with the intention to produce goods of the quality they undertook to give by the contract.





Processing capacities - 4000t storage

Logistical possibilities - We sell our goods in all continents and in retail packages, in BULK and cisterns.

Private Label - Our great experience, knowledge and resources provide our partners with all needed for the development of “private-label” brands and their successful positioning on the market.