“Menex” d.o.o.

Stevana Visokog 3, 37000 Kruševac, Serbia

tel./fax: +381 37 44 11 77

tel. +381 37 41 88 00

e-mail: info@menex.rs


On the domestic market we are ranked among the leaders, as far as our turnover in fish and fish product is concerned. We incorporate the offer of freshwater fish from our provinces, sea and ocean fish, fish produces and finished fish products. We package products under our own trade mark at our facilities.


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The strategic orientation in the fruit trading, cultivating and processing business of the “Menex” company is backed up by an investment into a 1.500 tons capacity cold storage, warehouses, accompanying structures and up to date processing, packing and transporting equipment. Our organic, conventional and forest fruits are identifiable in the consumer consumption and in the further industrial processing.


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Our cooperation with the Bridgestone / Firestone group, a global leader in the production of tires, has begun in 1998 when the first contract on the representation on the Serbian market was signed. We are specialized for the sale of cargo and semi-cargo tires and we provide the largest fleets in the country.


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